Forms and rules


All procurement requests should be sent to:, while filled quotations, self-certification and personal data processing declaration forms should be delivered directly by the supplier to:

 Request for the acquisition of goods and services

 Request for the acquisition of goods and services Department of Excellence

Economic Operator Self-Certification Form

 DICEA Credit Card Purchase Request

 Personal data processing declaration

 Notice of Market Investigation Art. 36

 Declaration of Uniqueness/Infungibility

 Dedicated bank account mode

Economic Fund
  • Up to €100 + VAT: RECEIPT OR RECEIPT;
  • over €100 + VAT and up to €1,000 + VAT: ELECTRONIC INVOICE (in this case pay only the taxable amount in cash);
  • if paying in cash: check for possible rounding;
  • do not include invoices and receipts in the request (the invoices stand alone);
  • do not indicate different types of projects (only RSA or only Dept. Research or only Agreements, etc.);
  • timeliness in submitting the refund request in the case of an invoice

 DICEA economic fund form (small expenses)

  • If the invoice under €100 + VAT has not been correctly made out to the Polytechnic University of Marche (with insertion of VAT number 00382520427), but to the natural person who made the purchase, it is necessary to prepare and sign the Declaration of having purchased on behalf of UNIVPM-DICEA, at the same time as the request for reimbursement on the Economale Fund



Go to the Regulations section to view the regulations for missions and travel. Mission requests must be sent to and submitted in hard copy to the administration office for the director’s signature.

Annex 1 – Template for supervision of external activities

 Mission Authorisation Request

 Travel Authorisation Request

 Request for advance refund of Mission