Research Projects

Ongoing and past research projects

Internationally funded

Nationally funded

  • (2022-2023) DIGITAL SMART STRUCTURE (DS2) – Inail BRIC 2021
  • (2021-2023) NAUSICA – “NAvi efficienti tramite l’Utilizzo di Soluzioni tecnologiche Innovative e low CArbon”, PNR 2015-2020
  • (2021-2022) Go for IT – Flood Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Management in Coastal Cities through a Behavioural-Design Approach – FISR, Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca
  • (2020-2023) MARLIC “Marche Applied Research Laboratory for Innovative Composites”, POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020
  • (2020-2023) B4R Branding4Resilience, “Tourist infrastructure as a tool to enhance small villages by drawing resilient communities and new open habitats”, PRIN 2017
  • (2020-2023) PROTECT – “maPping the seismic Risk Of straTEgiC consTructions”, (codice progetto: 10429) Ricerca Scientifica di Eccellenza, Fondazione Carvierona
  • (2019-2022) PROTOTIPI DI SCUOLE DA ABITARE – PROSA, “Nuovi modelli architettonici per la costruzione , il rinnovo e il recupero resiliente del patrimonio edilizio scolastico e per costruire il futuro, in Italia”, PRIN 2017
  • (2019-2022) FUNBREAK – “FUNdamentals of BREAKing wave-induced boundary dynamics”, PRIN 2017
  • (2019-2022) “A Distributed Digital Collaboration Framework for Small and Medium-Sized Engineering and Construction Enterprises”, PRIN 2017
  • (2019-2022) BE S2ECURe – “(make) Built Environment Safer in Slow and Emergency Conditions through behavioural assessed/designed Resilient solutions”, PRIN 2017
  • (2019-2022) PROSE – “PROtotypes of Schools to be lived – New architectural models for the construction, the renovation and resilient recovery of school buildings and to build the future in Italy.”, PRIN 2017
  • (2018-2020) PlaCE – “Conversione di Piattaforme Off Shore per usi multipli eco-sostenibili”, PON 2014-2020


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