Prevention and protection service supervisor (RSPP)

Ing. Phd Giuseppe Pace
071 220 4563

Worker Safety Representatives (RLS)

Emergency management – emergency behaviour rules

Occupational Health and Safety Training (SSL)

Student access to department laboratories

  • Students accessing the laboratories, even if only for a teaching visit, must be informed of the risks arising from their stay on the premises, be equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and sign the laboratory access form. This form must be kept at the facility and a copy given to the student and the Activity Manager;
    Laboratory access form
  • Students engaged in experimental thesis work involving access to laboratories must have attended and successfully passed the medium risk specific training course examination.
  • Students engaged in experimental thesis work may only remain on the laboratory premises under the supervision of structured technical or teaching staff.
  • Access form for visitors and school classes:
    Visitor access form

Risk Assessment Report (DVR)