Hub for Heritage and Habitat


The research group of the Architecture section: “Hub for Heritage and Habitat” has been active at the Department of Civil, Construction and Architecture Engineering (DICEA) of the Polytechnic University of Marche since 2017. The group is currently made up of about ten researchers, with skills and experience in the field of architectural design, urban planning and design, enhancement of built heritage in historical contexts.


The group carries out teaching and research activities. The didactic activity concerns the courses of:

for a Single Cycle Master’s Degree in 5 years.

In addition to the collaboration with public bodies in the context of projects financed by regional, national and international programs, the research group focuses on the following main areas:

  • architectural design, urban planning and reuse, transformation and enhancement of built heritage in historical contexts;
  • strategic visions and scenarios for the regeneration of architectures, cities, territories, and landscapes; 
  • territorial branding and smart cities to foster resilience to climate change and other societal challenges;
  • recycle and circular economy strategies applied to architecture, city and territory.


Manufacturing and 3D printing laboratory – FAB-HUB

Research activities

International/national projects – International collaborations – focused on the recycling and enhancement of architectural, archaeological and historical contexts – are also established within the network of European universities Villard d’Honnecourt, as well as with both university institutions such as CUIA – Italo- Argentina Interuniversity Consortium – for which various collaborations have been activated with research groups from different countries and universities, such as e.g. UNL Santafè in Argentina, Mackenzie Sao Paulo in Brazil, Hue University in Vietnam. Some of the research activities carried out by the group are summarized in the following sections.

ProSA (Prototypes of Schools to Live in)

Head of the research unit UNIVPM PRIN (Projects of Relevant National Interest) MUR 2017 (2019–22). IUAV (lead partner) with UNIVPM and others. Local unit coordinator: Gianluigi Mondaini.

Branding4Resilience. Tourist infrastructures as a tool to enhance small villages by designing resilient communities and new open habitats.

PRIN (Project of Relevant National Interest) MUR 2017 Youth Line (2020–23). UNIVPM (leader) with UNIPA, POLITO, UNITN. National Coordinator (PI): Maddalena Ferretti.

COST Action CA18204 – “Dynamics of placemaking and digitization in Europe´s cities” (2020-2024).

Understand how placemaking activities reimagine and reinvent public space through citizen participation, art and cultural practices. What are digital tools and how to use them to record, transform, produce and disseminate citizens’ knowledge of urban cultural spaces. Scientific Responsible: Francesco Rotondo.


Prof. Gianluigi Mondaini

Prof. Paolo Bonvini

Prof. Maddalena Ferretti

Prof. Francesco Rotondo

Floriano Capponi

Gianni Plescia