It is with great satisfaction and pride that we inform you that the DICEA has once again emerged as a ‘department of excellence’ for ANVUR, the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research, obtaining the planned funding (EUR 6.5 mln) for the 2nd consecutive five-year period (2023-2027).

The funded departmental development project aims to contribute to the current challenges facing our society, operating on 4 vertical thematic axes:

  1. Heritage Science;
  2. Security of structures, infrastructure and natural systems;
  3. Digital management of buildings and the built environment;
  4. Climate change and sustainability in construction and transport.

At the same time, the ‘Digital Education Lab’ will be created to virtually reconstruct environments, buildings and infrastructures. A hub for teaching students, where it will also be possible to provide lifelong learning for various professionals.

The Departments of Excellence are provided for by Italian Law 232 of 2016, with the aim of identifying and funding, every five years and within the 14 scientific-disciplinary areas of the National University Council, the best 180 Departments of state universities. These are departments that stand out for the quality of the research they produce and for the quality of their development projects, to which an annual budget of 271 million euro is allocated in total.

The list of departments can be found on ANVUR’s institutional website at: .

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