Best Papers

Selection of the most recent publications


Digital and Heritage
  • Clini, P.; Nespeca, Romina; Angeloni, Renato; D’Alessio, M.; Mandolini, M. (2023). Combining pattern projection and cross polarization to enhance 3d reconstruction of featureless reflective surfaces. International archives of the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences, XLVIII-M-2-2023(), 427-432.
  • Gorgoglione, Lucrezia; Malinverni, Eva Savina; Smaniotto Costa, Carlos; Pierdicca, Roberto; Di Stefano, Francesco (2023). Exploiting 2D/3D Geomatics Data for the Management, Promotion, and Valorization of Underground Built Heritage. SMART CITIES, 6(1), 243-262.
  • Xavier de Silva, Ludovica; Quattrini, Ramona (2023). Research, documentation, maintenance and protection of the archaeological resources through digital supply chain & Project for the use of ICT and the digitization plan. 80-81
Hub 4 Heritage & Habitat
  • Mondaini, Gianluigi; Bonvini, Paolo; Ferretti, Maddalena; Rotondo, Francesco (2023). From Social Housing to Social Habitat – Prospettive e Innovazioni. Il caso di Taranto.
  • Ducci, Marta; Janssen, Ron; Burgers, Gert-Jan; Rotondo, Francesco (2023). Co-design workshops for cultural landscape planning. LANDSCAPE RESEARCH, 1-17.
  • Passaro, P.; Perchinunno, P.; Rotondo, F. (2023). Statistical analysis of the circular economy for the intervention policies of the NRRP. British Food Journal,
  • Biagi, S; Calamai, A; Infante, G (2023). Nonzero positive solutions of fractional Laplacian systems with functional terms. Mathematische Nachrichten, 296(1), 102-121.


Building Architectural Engineering
  • Agliata, Rosa; Serpilli, Michele; Munafò, Placido (2023). Mechanical Performance of Reinforced Pultruded Columns for Curtain Walls. , 317, 161-170.
  • Latini, Arianna; Di Giuseppe, Elisa; D’Orazio, Marco (2023). Virtual reality as a new frontier for energy behavioural research in buildings: tests validation in a virtual immersive office environment. TEMA,
  • Quagliarini, E.; Bernardini, G.; Romano, G.; D’Orazio, M. (2023). Users’ vulnerability and exposure in Public Open Spaces (squares): A novel way for accounting them in multi-risk scenarios. CITIES, 133, 104160.
Digital and Built Environment
  • Messi, L., Carbonari, A., Corneli, A., Romagnoli, S., & Naticchia, B. (2023). Development of a BIM-based spatial conflict simulator for detecting dust hazards. In ISARC. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (Vol. 40, pp. 395-402). IAARC Publications.
  • Corneli, A., Spegni, F., Naticchia, B., Binni, L., & Messi, L. (2023, July). Natural language processing for construction sites management. In EC3 Conference 2023 (Vol. 4, pp. 0-0). European Council on Computing in Construction.
  • Spegni, F.; Sabatelli, A.; Merlo, A.; Pepa, L.; Spalazzi, L.; Verderame, L. (2023). A Precision Cybersecurity Workflow for Cyber-physical Systems: The IoT Healthcare Use Case. 13785 LNCS, 409-426.


  • Brocchini, Maurizio; Marini, Francesco; Falchi, Massimo; Postacchini, Matteo; Zitti, Gianluca (2023). Particle dynamics due to interaction between a breaking-induced vortex and a nearbed vortex. PHYSICS OF FLUIDS.
  • Postacchini, M.; Manning, A. J.; Calantoni, J.; Smith, J. P.; Brocchini, M. (2023). A storm driven turbidity maximum in a microtidal estuary. ESTUARINE, COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE, 288, 108350-.
  • Lancioni, Nicola; Parlapiano, Marco; Sgroi, Massimiliano; Giorgi, Luca; Fusi, Vieri; Darvini, Giovanna; Soldini, Luciano; Szeląg, Bartosz; Eusebi, Anna Laura; Fatone, Francesco (2023). Polyethylene pipes exposed to chlorine dioxide in drinking water supply system: A critical review of degradation mechanisms and accelerated aging methods. WATER RESEARCH, 238(120030).
Transportation Infrastructures
  • Gaudenzi, E.; Cardone, F.; Lu, X.; Canestrari, F. (2023). The use of lignin for sustainable asphalt pavements: A literature review. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, 362(Article number 129773), 1-16.
  • Ingrassia, L. P.; Spadoni, S.; Ferrotti, G.; Virgili, A.; Canestrari, F. (2023). Prediction of the Long-Term Performance of an Existing Warm Recycled Motorway Pavement. MATERIALS, 16(3), 1005.
  • Mignini, Chiara; Cardone, Fabrizio; Graziani, Andrea (2023). The role of fine aggregate matrix in the linear viscoelastic behaviour of cement-bitumen treated materials. ROAD MATERIALS AND PAVEMENT DESIGN, 1-18.


Structural Mechanics
Structural Engineering
  • Capozucca, R.; Magagnini, E.; Pace, G. (2023). Bond of composite CFRP/GFRP strips in the strengthening of walls. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MASONRY RESEARCH AND INNOVATION, vol.8-S.I. Composite Materials for Masonry Strengthening Experiments Modelling and Analysis(4/5).
  • Nicoletti, V.; Arezzo, D.; Carbonari, S.; Gara, F. (2023). Vibration-Based Test Results for the Investigation of the Infill Masonry Wall Damage. 309, 819-829.
  • Ragni, L.; Gabriella Castellano, M.; Dall’Asta, A.; Gioiella, L.; Infanti, S.; Micozzi, F. (2023). Code Provisions About λ-Factors of HDRBs for the Upper and Lower Bound Analyses: Hystorical Review. 309, 337-348.