The 2E-LAB ( DICEA ) carries out research in the fields of Civil, Building and Architectural Engineering, with the aim of innovating and improving the productivity of the sector through the conception, experimentation and transfer to the market of technological and operational solutions useful to improve the safety and resilience of the territory, the production processes at the different operational scales and the related products, stimulating the use of innovative technologies. Fundamental aims are: the development of solutions to protect and enhance the environment by minimising the impact of interventions, improving territorial resilience, risk reduction and population safety, the increase in the sensitivity of territorial development processes by means of strategies for the innovation of services and the built environment, the development of enabling technologies to recover the efficiency gap in the construction sector the development of digital technologies useful for the valorisation of the territory’s cultural and anthropic heritage.

The federated 2E-LAB laboratory for RESEARCH AND INNOVATION is the centre for the development of technological solutions (processes and products) with high sustainability and for the integration of advanced and digital technologies in construction engineering to increase competitiveness and the resilience of the territory. It is a federated structure that accommodates and reorganises laboratory facilities and related competences according to four thematic axes:
Axis 1. Resilience & Risk Mitigation – prevention, protection of the territory and emergency management for risks of natural or anthropogenic origin;
Axis 2. Digital and advanced technologies for facility design, construction & management – development of technologies for the digital transformation of the sector and application of advanced technologies in the processes of design, construction and management of works;
Axis 3. Smart facilities & life cycle engineering – development and realisation of intelligent and low environmental impact materials, components and works;
Axis 4. Digital cultural heritage & Landscape protection & fruition – development of digital technologies for the protection and fruition of the architectural heritage and the protection of the environment/territory.

The departmental facilities of 2E-LAb consist of classrooms, libraries, teaching, multimedia, testing and experimentation laboratories, which cover a dedicated area of approximately 8370 square metres, of which 4120 square metres are laboratories.

Continuous upgrading of infrastructures, machinery, modernisation of instruments and significant economic investments ensure that 2E-LAB reinforces its connotation as a centre of excellence, research and technological development.