Scintillating Crystals

The Research Group on Scintillating Crystals at UNIVPM belongs to the CERN-based network “Crystal Clear Collaboration” (CCC- Cern R&D Experiment 18). It is composed by researchers from three Departments, namely SIMAU, DIISM and DICEA. The group is a multidisciplinarian one and encompasses competences in Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Mathematical Physics, Materials and Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Mechanical Measurements. Its scope is the characterization, modelization and quality control of crystals with the aim of obtaining a better product. This task is achieved through structural characterization, surface analysis, residual stress measurements, ultimate stress and elastic properties evaluation and theoretical models.

Research group

Fabrizio Davì – (+39712204565)
Nicola Paone – (+39712204490)
Daniele Rinaldi – (+39712204973)
Gianni Barucca
Giuseppe Majini
Paolo Mengucci
Luigi Montalto
Lorenzo Scalise