Novel water-evaporative cooling technology for external walls


A novel technology capable of cancelling summer cooling loads through walls is under development.

It exploits the latent heat of water evaporation to cool the interior of  walls and can be easily installed on existing façades, too.

A preliminary experimental analyses was performed on a wall prototype and its performances have been compared with a benchmark. It showed its capabilities to decrease the overall summer energy load in buildings by completely cancelling conduction loads. The prototype has been installed outdoor during a whole summer period in Ancona (Italy) and it behaved excellently, also from a durability point of view.


The easy applicability of this technology in construction refurbishment makes it a key solution for EU market, that has plenty of built environments to be renovated in line with challenging energy saving targets.

Working Group
Alessandro Carbonari, Berardo Naticchia, Federica Marinelli, Marco D’Orazio