Non intrusive and real-time advanced H&S monitoring system


Advanced H&S management is pursued by means of a hybrid technology setup, made up of two main modules.

Some basic technology devices, providing low level functionalities through the cheapest but also less intrusive technologies, which can contribute to accident mitigation by improving the effectiveness of standard H&S management tools:  they basically monitor the whole construction site, to the extent needed to verify in a relatively short time that the current H&S measures are in line with the schedule, and quickly deploy relevant information to inspectors and to health and safety coordinators. From the technologic point of view, this approach requires a rather coarse spatial sensor grid and a sampling time of the order of few minutes.

Such a basic framework is integrated with an advanced module for predicting potential risky situations in advance, through the adoption of real time intelligent tools, monitoring working activities and reacting when risk levels are becoming too high. This, in turn, requires the development of complex behavioural models, to be supported by advanced technologic equipment and sensor deployment. This advanced module is expected to integrate risk management regarding possible unpredictable risky situations produced by the sporadic combination of events that all together turn out into dangerous circumstances

First prototypes of a three tier hardware/software systems, made up of a friendly GUI and intelligent models living on top of smart sensor networks are currently under development. Some successful testing has also been accomplished in real construction sites.

Working Group
Alessandro Carbonari, Alberto Giretti, Berardo Naticchia, Mario De Grassi, Massimo Vaccarini, Angelo Biscotti, Federico Robuffo